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If the club do trade Gleeson the priority should be a quality half back. At present we have as half-backs a player who's at the fag end of his career and a hooker who fancies himself to be a half-back. Gleeson's off to Oz at the end of the season so the club may as well cash in on him ASAP. He's overweight, unfit and is now about as fast as my Granny.

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Mathers seemed to be quality when he was at Leeds but hasn't been the same at Wigan.Let's hope Tony Smith can get the best out of him again. We have to trust the judgement of the coach who's got a proven track record. Perhaps he has already got somebody lined up to replace Gleeson, who, let's face it has never been happy at Warrington. He only came here as a punishment for a misdemeanour at the bookies.


One down, only two or three more of the playboys to go.

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Wasn't exactly a swap!

Warrington picked up at least ?100,000 K for a guy who was out of contract this year and no longer wanted to play for the club.

We have got another half decent player for free as he was off-loaded by Wigan to make way for Gleeson under the salary cap rules.

Not bad business really.

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Can't see it happening,doesn't make sense to swap a current international player for a player unwanted by their present club.

Cash deal only......


Well that's me with egg all over my face :oops:


and to think Tony Smith told me last week it was purely press speculation!!! Makes for an interesting interview for you all to watch tomorrow! :wink:

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