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What Firework Displays are on Tonight?

Geoffrey Settle

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maybe the kids from Bewsey and Dallam will cease hostilities and come out and play football at midnight



Oi Baz!

I'll have you know that once upon a time, hostilities were at their highest around bonfire night in Dallam,.......... well, almost. Remember the Battle of Clinker Bonk? And I'm not talking about kicking a bag o wind around a cow field cock :wink:

Up to or necks in wet nettles and thistles we were. There's nowt better than wet nettles for sorting the men from the boys.

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Blackbrook Community Association have one on Saturday evening ( Nov 8th ) See other posting .

Bar - B -Q side stalls , entertainer, Music and a fabulous display and all for free ( except for the food ) and we would give that away if we could afford it !!!!!! :D:D

Fun sarts around 4 pm and the display around 7pm.

Near the Jolly Falsaff at the rear of St Bridgets School on Capesthorn RTd.

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bonfire night is now diluted over a seven day period instead of one big blast off


It's not been diluted over a 7 day period here Gary... it seems to have been extinguished. Apart from last nights token gesture I've hardly heard a thing so far. Perhaps everyone had gone to Halton's Spike Island huge display for free instead.

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Was strangely quiet here too and has been all week.


Maybe people simply aren't wasting their money :shock:


Had to laugh yesterday tea time. There was a bloke near the exit of the Asda carpark at cockhedge with spinning lights on his head :shock: and was holding a big sign saying 'Ask me for a free voucher for rockets' :?


Sales must have been bad at his firework shop near the exit.... and to make it worse no-one was bothering to stop :oops: He looked totally fed up and embarassed, poor chap :oops:

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