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  1. Obs,I haven't researched which foods contain Vit B12..maybe you could and post your findings
  2. Hi Bill,glad you're well too Can't say I agree with you about preffering to have Alzheimers..I understand it's debilitating for the families but what about the sufferers?I did the dementia training several years ago and only then can you understand where each individual is 'stuck'..... # some still think their on an early shift. #some still think they have to get to school to pick up their children #some still think they live with their parents #some think their parents are still alive #some divorcees only remember their first spouses..the list is endless I totally agree about their bodies totally forgetting how to function,and you know why they are living longer?Because they have no stress,no worries..it's not very often you see a tormented look on their faces. It's a good job there are people who really care about the job that they do and I thank them for the wonderful job that they do,as I now realise how hard it is when it is your own.. When my time comes..hand me the gun.......
  3. I have worked in elderly/dementia residential for over 17 yrs and I wouldn't scoff as it quite possibly could happen to you.These days more and more people are succombing to this dreadful disease due to stressful jobs and increased alcohol intake amongst other things. I am at present helping look after my mother-in -law which is very distressing for me as she's one of 'my own'.At work sometimes I can distance myself but to look after your own is very debilitating.It has been found that Vit B12 can help stave off the onset of Alzheimers..I think all over 60's should take this.Dementia tends to miss a generation...so think on!!
  4. Both went to school together apparently.Too sad for words really...
  5. Sue...you'll have a while to wait for a flight though!
  6. My daughter had 'swine flu' 2 weeks ago..she also got the tamiflu meds.Isolated herself for 5 days..then felt right as rain..but without a ''proper diagnosis'' form a GP instead of Joe Bloggs off the street on a helpline number...did she ''really'' have swine flu,she says it was no worse than normal flu..so are people being medicated for no reason?Especially if the side effects of tamiflu can be worse than the illness?
  7. I know one of the ladies that suffered in the care homes and she said only one of the nuns has been brought to book.You're right it is disgusting and I'm ashamed to be Catholic..If you couldn't trust nuns and priests..who could you trust
  8. Flights to Mexico have now been cancelled.....
  9. Just found out 'Monks' race night raised over ?500.Imagine if All the parents had turned up!
  10. I went to a race night on Saturday to support 'Monks' youngsters..only 40 people tuned up and 5 out of a possible 22 were parents.Shameful really!
  11. considering it will only run for 7 hours before needing re-charging,I think it's a no go.OK you may get a few trips to work and back,if your fairly local that is.But what about going on holiday?We'd need somewhere to re-charge somewhere along the motorway!
  12. I think 'broken Britain' has a lot to do with banning corporal punishment in schools,banning parents from smacking their kids.The only thing is;they never gave out manuals telling parents the alternative way to disciplining their children..this is where children have become unruly and those parents that do care are now taking parenting classes..but it's too little,too late..IMO
  13. We're all fans too..the 'rock band' is excellent..only trouble is..'I' haven't Rocked yet..Littly 'rocks' and she's 9......
  14. Yep,I remember the monkeys too..wondered what happened to them..don't think I'll be visiting them at the museum though
  15. I've had the flu jab too,with no ill effects since....must just be you...with man-flu...men are so weak and feeble when it comes to illness...toughen up man!
  16. SICK,Eagle..... Dismayed I agree with you ...she made as much money as she could for her boys and the media knew they were being exploited for this reason... She raised awareness of cervical cancer..especially in younger people...GOOD ON HER!
  17. No doubt you've all heard that Jade died at 03;55am at her home in Upshire this morning,with her mother at her side.. Those poor little boys..
  18. Wireless routers in area are secured,other lappy's work too...i wonder if it's my built in wireless that's faulty..but it is saying connected..but it's not! will try see if it's this..
  19. strength is good..I use lappy in room next to where main pc and hub are..
  20. My lappy is internet connected but keeps losing connection..Broadband on main PC is ok..all lights correct on hub..any ideas what's up?
  21. Don't mean to offend anyone..but I think are plenty of young drunks in Latchford anyway. I work and used to live in Westy.
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