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Albert Pierrepoint


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Feel free to do anything you want in this country safe in the knowledge that if you are found out I and others will be paying for your temporary life of luxury in one of HM holiday camps until such time as a "dogooder " decides that you have suffered enough of HD Premiership Football, Film Premiers and WII and that you should be allowed out to re-offend and start the process again.

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came across this on virgin media page.


violent criminals at risk of reoffending could now be hit with Asbo-style orders.


New violent offender orders (VOOs) will place a series of restrictions on dangerous offenders after they leave prison.


Courts in England and Wales can insist the thugs stay away from named places, events or people for between two and five years.


Anyone under an order must tell police if they move home, change their name or leave the country.


Breach of a VOOs, a form of civil order, could lead to a further jail term of up to five years.


The Home Office said the orders were aimed at "disrupting patterns of offending behaviour".


Anyone who has served a sentence of a year or more for offences such as murder, manslaughter or GBH is eligible.


Police can apply to magistrates courts for an order if they believe an offender will commit another violent crime.


The orders, which were contained in the 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, are part of an updated Home Office violent crime action plan.

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