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How daft does it have to get?

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Daily Mail:


"When David Bamber confronted a 12-year-old boy for dropping litter, he thought he was doing his bit to keep his neighbourhood tidy.


The police, however, had other ideas. They raced to the scene and hauled Mr Bamber to the police station, where he was held for eight hours on suspicion of common assault.



He was forced to pose for photographs, provide a DNA swab and fingerprints. He was eventually released without charge - but is still fighting to get his DNA sample, fingerprints and mugshot removed from the police database.



The drama unfolded after the businessman, who runs an eco-friendly waste management company, watched with disbelief as the schoolboy came out of a shop opposite his firm and ripped up a pile of pamphlets before throwing them onto the street in Southsea, Portsmouth."


Glad to note that there is no serious crime to solve in the Portsmouth area. :redmad:


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Council workers are to be given a fully paid afternoon off to do their Christmas shopping - and taxpayers will foot the bill.


Staff at Leicestershire County Council say that by paying their workers while they are out shopping for festive treats it will prevent them from skiving off nearer the big day.


But the plan has met with outrage by taxpayers who are already facing spiralling mortgage bills, higher tax bills and fast-rising general living costs.



It will be interesting to see if this council then bans employess from displaying Christmas type things in its offices, just in case it offends non Christians.


Will other councils follow suit, and it would be interesting to see if all of the employees suddenly have a bout of Christianity.


Many years a go a company I worked for in London used to give its staff a "shopping day". So maybe the Daily Mail is just wanting to create a story.

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The company I work for allows us to sit down for Christmas dinner on Christmas day (provided we're not on duty at the time) :D:D:D

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I think that the council still give all their employees a book of negotiated discounts for doing their shopping in the town.

They may as well have the day off because they are no use when they are at work.

At the same time they can take the NHS employees who work at the foot clinic at Halliwell Jones stadium because they are also useless.

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I went to Singapore in September and can say it was clean no grafitti no crime [that we noticed]very safe walking at night what a pleasure it was..why ?because they wont play up because of the punishment they would recieve...Ive been 4 times but hadnt been for 15 years,and could recommend it safe.I must admitt our government and the drugs and graffiti are bad in australia what will be done about it in the end.I worked at warrington general as a nurse years ago and violence by patients especially when amped up and intoxicated was big ...the porters on the odd occasion would assist otherwise it was all hands on deck....most nurses have been assaulted by patients at some stage....but they should have security maybe not the police but someone to help when required.

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Daily Mail:


A child prankster got the shock of his life when six officers stormed his house to arrest him on a graffitti charge - after he wrote his nickname in chocolate on the wall of a youth centre.


The 15-year-old, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, was terrified to find a riot police van outside his house before being hauled into court on a charge of criminal damage for his scribblings with a Twix bar.


Two days later he cleaned off the scrawl and wrote a letter of apology to the youth centre - but that was not enough to appease the Crown Prosecution Service, which pressed ahead with the case.


I'll let you decide. :wink:

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