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Move South?


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A LEADING Tory think tank is urging people from cities in the north of England to move south if they want a better life.

Cities such as Liverpool are beyond revival and millions of their residents should move to London and the South-east instead, the Policy Exchange think tank claims today in a report.


Coastal cities such as Liverpool and Sunderland had "lost much of their raison d'?tre" with the decline of shipping and had "little prospect of offering their residents the standard of living to which they aspire," the report states.


It was time to be "realistic about the ability of cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle to regenerate struggling neighbours, such as Liverpool, Bradford and Sunderland.



Anyone agree?

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The S/East is currently groaning under the weight of over-development, complaining of the loss of green fields to airports and houses etc. :shock: The idea that in an age of advanced telecoms technology, workers and their work need to be close to some economic epi-centre is nonesense: on the basis of that theory, we should all move to Brussels or perhaps Beijing! :roll: Yes, traditional industries have declined in the provinces, but modern employment requires a well educated and adaptable workforce, that being the key to attracting economic regeneration. :? The twit who produced this report said that Northerners may wish to migrate to the South cos that's where the money is - it's also where the higher costs of living are too! :roll: The Government have moved many civil service jobs out into the provinces, perhaps they could do more - say, redesignating the Capital City of the Nation and it's political infrastructure to a City up North?! :wink:

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To answer your question no - there are some nice places to visit but I couldn't stand the rat race mentality, cost of living or attitude of some southerners.


When Gordon Burns (BBC local TV) spoke to the guy who wrote the report last night he claimed to have lived in Liverpool a long time ago - or was that he had visited the city once or twice. HOWEVER his colleague who he produced the report with did live there and KNEW what was going on so QED.


Hasn't DC jumped in and rubbished the right wing think tanks effort and this is from a guy who normally suipports them?


Maybe the authors have share in southern based house builders?

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I heard the headlines, and instantly thought of the usual case of the media taking something out of context and whiping up local unrest, especialy with the reputaion of the scousers for taking offence at anything... and then switched over, and did something that probably mattered that little bit more.

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Well it looks like the Right Wing think tanks has achieved it's objective about causing unrest in the North West - don't you think they they didn't mean ex-Lancastrian Towns like Warrington as well? These southern jessies think that anyone who lives North of Watford is dum and you are penniless and too stupid to move to the glorious South - you are simply proving their case for them.

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Listening to the bloke on the telly - he came over as a right wally


Hear hear


The think tanks comments are a disgrace and may well put a big dent in the North's current opinion of the Tories. Yes Cameron has rightly so come out and described the comments and 'Barmy' and insisted they won't become Tory policy but the comments are highly likely to stick in peoples mind for a long time to come and that I fear, could be bad news for the Tories but having said that, I still can't see things getting any better for Labour.

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Here's an extract from a blog by a computer person called Jooli posted on the 14th August.


Is it worth training anyone in the North of England?


A 'think tank' has recently argued that Cities in northern England such as Liverpool, Sunderland and Bradford are "beyond revival" and residents should move south.


You may have seen this on the news yesterday


so the question for us is should we carry out their training before they go or wait until they get to the prosperous South?


The bigger question is, of course, that if they have such poor skills in the first place that they cannot revive their Cities, does the South want them or should they not just be put down humanely. That would save them having to be trained and would mean that the North of England could be turned into a golf course for the Southerners who have the skills to earn the money to play golf!


Of course, this is utter claptrap, but the fact that it gets reported at all makes me think that the world has gone mad, so as it is silly season I suggest that all Northerners who cannot synchronise their Blackberries with their laptop should be lined up on the M1 and given a good talking to! There is clearly no point in training them to do it, because it is so intuitive that if they have not got it by now, they must be Northerners.


For the record, I am a very proud Northerner with a brain... at least I think I have. Am I getting my ambition mixed up with my abilities again?


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