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  1. What an absolutely fantastic result for Burnley tonight. United already greatly miss Ronaldo. Take nothing away from Burnley tonight though, they thoroughly deserved all three points.
  2. I know its just a ball game but I don't remember ever feeling as angry with a player as I do now towards Joleon Lescott. His lack of loyalty to Everton is an absolute disgrace. He should never have played last Saturday and I'm glad to say has been axed from the squad for tomorrow's for Europa League play-off first leg against Sigma Olomouc. I'd be very surprised if he ever played for us again. I cannot stand it when players instantly lose interest in wearing the shirt the moment another club is linked with them. I hate this whole Man City huge spending business. Yes I admit I'm a little j
  3. Have we? Forgive me if you weren't being serious but its fair to say absolutely no one expected Moyes to do anything like the fantastic job he has done since taking over back in March 2002. Is his record of five top ten finishes in seven seasons not quite as good as you expected?
  4. A tremendous manager and a wonderful man. It would appear that no-one ever had a bad word to say about him. He will truly be missed. God bless him. I was very interested to read in his autobiography 'Farewell But Not Goodbye' that he was approached to manage Everton on at least two occasoins, the closest being in 1973 when he was all set to take the job until the news was leaked to the press. He described pulling out of the job as one of the biggest regrets in his career. This autobiography is well worth a read.
  5. Another terrific, highly successful DAD which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. The lads from Thorn Cross deserve a special mention for playing a really major role in making the day slick from commencing at 6:45 to finishing at 20:30. All involved in the day benefit greatly from their excellent service and many exhibitors had nothing but praise for them. Some even suggested it was the most organised event they have ever been to. Roll on next year!
  6. All being well the joke that are Newcastle United won't be back for at least a couple of years although I dare say, they'll come straight back up if Shearer has anything to do with it. He's got a massive rebuilding job on his hands though. Great to see Burnley promoted. They've got an excellent young manager who I dare say will keep them up. And on another positive note, I'm delighted David Moyes has won the League Managers Association's Manager of the Year award after another outstanding campaign for Everton. In winning this he has become the first manager to win it three times. Wel
  7. I completely agree with that and it is your last point which is why she's been so popular with the British public who genuinally care about her and hold her in such high regard. There were always going to be some who turn their noses up at what she has done but she has led a very successful life and was a lot smarter than she appeared. So many young women all over Britain will in the future owe their lives to Jade?s public pronouncements on cervical cancer. That is no small thing. Whilst Reality TV has its critics, the most successful person ever to come from it has to be applauded for
  8. Shouting for Everton not against Manure. If you bothered reading properly you would see that I also said I would be shouting for them should they make the final which logic dictates would not involve Manure if Everton were in it. This said I would rather a Maggie Thatcher 11 won than that lot p.s. for the benefit of Jonathan the semi final is on Sunday the 19th just in case you forget I only made a mistake about the date of a match once!
  9. When I say hate, I mean it no more than any other football fan who 'hates' their rivals. Its only banter, nothing malicious. With with regards to 'change' my medication, whoever said I'm on any?
  10. Nights like this only increase my hate for Liverpool. I've got an awful feeling they'll win it again. What a DREADFUL proposition an Inter - Liverpool final is. Two exceptionally arrogant managers constantly blowing their own trumpets. I suspect Mourinho could be the next Madrid manager as lets face it, Ramos certainly won't be getting a new deal after tonight.
  11. Great win today, Everton for the FA Cup!
  12. A truly delightful win tonight for Everton and a thoroughly deserved one too. Admittably Lucas did Liverpool absolutely no favours by getting himself sent off but it was Everton who won the match rather than Liverpool losing it and I really hope that is the way the press describe it. Liverpool once again proved how much they rely on Gerrard and after their decent start, when Gerrard when off injured in the 16th minute, the teams performance quickly dropped. And I must say, whilst he definately won't be winning Manager of the month, Benitez MUST win hypocrite of the month. It was just 10
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