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Thunder and lightening


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My dogs having a wail of a time playing with the hail stones which have stettled in the garden :lol:


What a wack day.. rain, sun, lots more rain, a mini river running down our flooded road and pavement, thunder was cool and hail was fun... and now the sun's out again :shock:


Countdown to the next installment as a wopping big dark grey cloud is coming over :shock:


But you all know that anyway :D

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OOPS :D:wink: In all fairness though I noted far more bangs than I saw flashes..... guess I blink slowly :P


Anyway tomorrow's forcast is much better.... a sudden unexpected heatwave starting at 11.10am and ending at 11.30am, followed by 12 inches of snow and a northerly weather front pushing forward which should bring more settled weather and strong winds by 11.31 am :?:P

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