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Favourite TV Sport


What would be your favourite TV sporting event?  

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  1. 1. What would be your favourite TV sporting event?

    • Football: A top Premier League match
    • Cricket: A twenty20 final
    • Auto Racing: Formula 1 British Grand Prix
    • Rugby League: A top Super League match
    • Rugby Union: Six Nations match
    • Horse Racing: The Grand National
    • Tennis: The Wimbledon Final
    • Other: Coronation St or Eastenders etc

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With all the choices of sport on tv, imagine that on one super sunday they all clashed. Spoilt for choice what would you chose to watch?


Assume that it is your favourite team, player or driver that is appearing.

Well, you've missed golf, other football, and other sports from the poll, so I can't vote. :roll:
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well not one vote for corrie, eastenders or emmerdale, all true to life progs. if it wern't for emmerdale i would get no fresh air at all.


at the time of posting i am actually watching the olympics archery competition. not sure at what level it is at but quite interesting. wonder if they would be as good if they had to use "normal" bows instead of those lightweight, specially balanced ones with the telescopic laser sights and target recognition software. ( well the balance weights and sights anyhow).

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