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Council leader not seeking re-election!


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And then there were 2 Deputy follows in leader’s footsteps and not seeking re-election - Warrington Worldwide (warrington-worldwide.co.uk)

Everyone is now calling for Dr Broomhead to be the next. In practice the architect of the plan including the constant tosh about government cuts total and the replacement cash wheeze can be traced back to elsewhere in the finance area.

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9 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

i can't help but wonder if the midden is about  to collide with the windmill.....:ph34r:

Possibly but the alternative explanation, which includes why they haven't gone now but are lingering to the next election seems more likely to me. That involves not wanting to be a magnet for bad news as the media attacks them as an example of Labour incompetence and arrogance in the period before a joint local and parliamentary election in May next year. If they are out of the picture by then it could remove the personality part which would be what the media would go for and hence tempers the arrogance part.

The media is rather bad at dealing with stories based on large groups of numerate issues so they will probably get away with the incompetence too. My guess is that the broadcast media will have no appetite for criticising their chosen heroes in Labour form at the next election and the Warrington irritant that might have caused an upset will be gone. The decision will have been made in London by Labour's national campaign team, they only needed to say to the dynamic duo that if they were to attempt to stand the national party would oppose their selection.

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