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Grange Avenue plans scapped.


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Good to see that the council have finally agreed to withdraw their plans to close off Grange Avenue in Latchford. Let’s hope they learn a lesson from this before they embark on any more projects that are unpopular with the vast majority of the public.

But as long as we have people like Clr Hans Mundry, who despite all this, still insists that it’s that it was the right thing to do, I wouldn't hold much hope of that. Furthermore, he added that it’s the council’s job to try and reduce the number of cars on the roads. That may be his belief but I’m sure that’s not what people voted for when they put a cross against his name.


Bill 😊

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Don't forget he went on to threaten new ways to reduce traffic in the town. They think that they have to do something to prove their virtue signalling credentials. They are mental pygmies with the ability to cause mayhem in ordinary peoples lives. People constantly vote for the grievance politics party in this town. If they do so again after the revelations and behaviour shown over the last few year it will be a tragedy. They will be using a protest against national government to reinstall a bunch of green pleasers with no interest in actually making the town better for ordinary people. Turkeys voting for Christmas.

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well i happy about this. it means i will be able to get to the grange for bowling without a detour through latchford village after a trip though the various side streets to get back to the main road like last time. added an extra ten minutes to the journey by the time i had waited at the various traffic lights

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