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Junk mail.


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I ordered some peppermint oil capsules on Friday from Online Pharmacy 4U. They’re being delivered this morning (Monday) so I’m happy with the delivery times but was there any need to bombard my inbox over the weekend with ten emails, most unnecessary and unrelated to my purchase? ☹

I don’t like setting up rules to automatically pass stuff to the junk folder in case I ever need to use them again but some of these companies go over the top with this sort of thing. Since my holiday a month or so back, I’ve been bombarded with junk mail from both Tui and the holiday insurance company we used so they’re now also on my banned list. I don’t mind the odd email, but some don't do themselves any favors by doing this.

Quite a few companies these days also ask for an email address to send the receipt, claiming it saves the planet by not using paper. I did this once after buying one of the grandkids a present from Build a Bear Workshop only to find my inbox completely jammed garbage emails from them every week. :evil:


Bill 😊

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I really is a problem. I search very hard for a box that refuses permission for them to contact you about other things than the purchase being made. They tru every trick possible to make it hard to find and use confusing wording.

The problem I have is that my Gmail account is clogged up by junk from the US. Google put dots in the in the username but completely ignores them is routing the email. There are seemingly problems in the US that non-English speakers give their email addresses to agents verbally and they are entered incorrectly and often short. I seem to get adverts for cheap shoes and offers for a Pizza Hut in Colorado amongst others. I even got security check emails for someone setting up a Paypal account. Email abuse is very annoying and constitutes the majority of email traffic in the Internet. Progress!

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Thankfully none of the email addresses i have get a lot of junk mail.

saying that i get a daily email from chums giving me updates on what is on offer plus a discount code. the ones from harley davidson dealership now go into the junk mail folder as well as the ones from netflix for some reason hat i have never bothered to sort out as i rarely watch netflix

still get the moneygram ones on my msn account. maybe i should stop winding them up so much.

yahoo seems to get no junk emails on either mine or mrs sids,that hse never uses. mind you i onl check those accounts once a week and not daily like my home one.

Halfords sent me quite a few though but oddly enough toolstation and screwfix don't and i shop more with them than halfords.

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1 hour ago, Observer II said:

Where does all this junk go when you dump it ?    :unsure:

It hangs about for a while to let you change your mind and based on the ISP policy it gets deleted. If you put it in your junk folder and you used Post Office Protocol (POP) to download it stays on your hard drive until you delete in your local mail agent. If you receive mail  using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) when the ISP deletes it on the Server you don't see it any more. If you use a web client it will normally behave like IMAP.

If you deliberately take a copy by using a client that takes local copies of IMAP folder then you copy can either change with the server of not depending on the settings; so whether the folder are kept in step or not. If you are required to keep copies for disclosure the setting will be to keep everything usually.

So the answer is, it depends!

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