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U.S. at it again -

Observer II

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Not satisfied with manufacturing a war in Ukraine, it seems the Yanks are now trying to create a second front in Georgia, by causing a coup there too.  The CIA be fermenting social discord by directing their agents and proxies to protest about Gov plans to introduce a transparency law, requiring all NGOs and media groups to publish details of their financial sources.  Seems such requirements are  common throughout the world and including the US.   However, such transparency would undermine the activities of the US State Dept and CIA, thus sparking them into a reaction.   The callous way in which the Biden administration is prepared to waste Countries like Ukraine and Georgia in suicidal conflicts with the Russian Federation, merely to weaken it,  should imo result in Biden and the Neo-Cons facing a war crimes trial.     😠

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Wrong again. The unrest is driven by a party controlled by an ex-Russian oligarch. You are obsessed with blaming the US. With the Russians occupying South Ossetia and Abkhazia it looks like they could be trying to take Georgia back into the USSR as well. With 85% support for joining the EU the public aren't with the plan. There are Georgians fighting in Ukraine against the Russians already. The Georgian Dream lot are not as pro Russian as the Yanukovic lot were because they saw what happened I suspect. Your analysis is as usual completely flawed.

You can have the last word, as you always have to it seems, but try and keep it rational.

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