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Do they get away with it ?

Observer II

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37 minutes ago, Observer II said:

Saw a young woman return to her car today, and swipe the parking ticket from the windscreen, and just throw it away.  I believe this is now a regular occurance, especially by diplomats in London.  So do the authorities ever get their money :unsure:

Was it on a public highway? Seems unlikely to be a diplomat in Warrington. 

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vehicle reg will have been noted along with a photo showing the reg and the parking fine and usually any signage to show what the fine was for.

The payment will be pursued firstly by many letters and if that fails then a court order followed up by the bailiffs. by which time it will be the original fine plus interest,court costs and bailiff costs and vat.

I only know this as i once received a bailiff letter to say that if i did not pay the parking fine they would come round and collect goods to the value of costs incurred. luckily for me this was easily sorted out as it was for a parking fine issued to my mercedes whilst it was park in wales three months before. one call to the number on the letter and it was soon sorted, especially when i pointed out that i had never owned a mercedes, did not have a license to drive a car and the last time i had been in wales was twenty years previously on a weekend holiday.


diplomats are whole different kettle of fish when it comes to things like that "diplomatic immunity" is normally quoted as a reason for not paying but you will probably find that the biggest culprits of that come from the richest countries.

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