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Beware .. New Scam.

Latchford Locks

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Yet more click bait landing in my phone .. very easy to fall for some if you are not alert.

This one is supposedly from vodafone...

It says that unfortunately they were unable to process my latest bill due to problems. Therefore please update my details by following the link provided. Yes It would have included my bank details I'm sure....


OK I guessed pretty quickly it was fake but if only one in a hundred do fall for it And they sent out many thousands of these messages ,just imagine the money they would steal ?

Just proves how we need to be wary of all messages we get and think twice,, and then a third time, If at all in doubt just delete

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3 minutes ago, Evil Sid said:


as for telemarketers i either say a polite no three times before asking them if they understand English if they persist or say not interested.

I don't even enter a conversation these days just a curt "Hello" and if the expected sales patter starts I just hang up.


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still get the scam emails from money gram on one of my email accounts.

mind you it is my own fault for replying to them and winding them up. Which reminds me must check to see if i have another death threat yet.....🤣

about three times a month i get a spate of amazon automated calls either i have renewed my subscription to amazon prime (never had one) or £900 has been sent to an overseas account from my bank account, (never had that much in my bank account since i packed up working)

i tend to put those on speaker phone and wait to see how long they go on for before they hang up. usually last about 30 seconds and occasionally i will get "thank you taking our survey" tagged on just before it goes dead.

As you can probably tell i don't get out much these days.....🤪

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