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St Helens v Warrington 17.06.21


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A real war of attrition this! St Helens were awarded what I thought was a questionable penalty so took a 2 point lead. Ben Curry finished a beautiful move down the left to score a try which Gareth Widdop converted so 2-6 to Wire at half time. And that was it for the match. Both sides went close in the second half but were thwarted by strong defences, and Warrington saw it out to the end, a memorable win against the champions. There were a lot of boos at the end, but they wouldn't have been from the Wire's followers 🤣🤣

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It is bizarre the way they find ways of bigging up our opposition however bad they are, and belittling anything good the Wire do. Mind you ask any St Helens or Wigan fan and they'll tell you that the world and his uncle are against them too 🤣🤣🤣

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I had the match on the radio . We were in Blackpool for a few days & couldn't find anywhere showing the match.

Still, the reaction of the Saints fans on the coach was the usual  "bad day at the office" display by their team but their faces were a picture.

I was happy to say that "because i am not a Saints fan ,i won't gloat over the result " .

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