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Timid police, timid politicians


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Why do the police and the politicians repeatedly thanking the public for being so responsible during the pandemic? It seems to me that a good proportion of the public are acting very irresponsibly, ignoring both the law and the guidance. It is time to get tough with the miscreants - fine them, imprison them and NAME THEM!

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It is because there is a group of behavioural scientists in a sub-group of SAGE that keep telling the government that blaming people will cause them to behave worse. Instead we should praise and that will encourage them. One of the most prominent is Susan Michie, a member of independent SAGE too, oh and a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain! 

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It’s that sort of thinking that makes us the laughingstock of the world. Slightly off subject but on the news tonight they were banging on about how they need to send a disabled person into space so that they can be seen to be inclusive. I think some academics over think issues and completely loose the plot but our politicians can’t ignore “professional” advice, so we end up with stupid rules that people ignore anyway.

On the plus side, I was pleased to see the four people at Heathrow getting fined £10,000 each for lying about where they came from. That’s the right way to do things, make an example of them and people would think twice before trying that.


Bill 😊

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