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sandra kinsey

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definitely winwick street. Could well have been between tanners lane and foundry street or was it the railway station and foundry street. I do remember having to go sort of round the side to the workshop area to collect a bike one time.

As an apprentice i had a motorbike to get back and to to work. My mates and i would often go to bill popes and then jack frodshams to ogle the bikes in the window to see what the japanese latest offerings were.

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I was a regular customer there.   Bought my final bike, BSA Shooting Star A7 there and promptly wrapped it around a concrete post on Slutchers Lane !  I wonder what they did with all the ghosts that lived in Warrington Infirmary when the knocked it down?  Got to know them well for six months at that time.

Frodsham's was just a few yards past Central Station as you headed out up Winwick St, right across from theVauxhall dealership.  It didn't have a street window, you had to walk up an alleyway that ran from the street right into the store - a dark, dusty and miserable place.

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