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Ernie Atherton - Warrington ice cream man

Eddie Newall

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I remember, as a nipper, a person who rode one of these around the bewsey area. Don't know if it was the same guy but might well have been. As a young sprog used to pay attention to the hand bell and the call of "ice cream lollyice, lollyice ice cream" more than the person selling the treat.

Oddly enough mrs sid has a nephew who runs a similar business in padstow,  "treats on trikes", he has a website and caters for parties, corporate events weddings and the like and when not doing that will set up on penquaen quarry on the camel trail in cornwall, he also has a trike with a hot drinks set up as well.

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On 10/3/2019 at 11:18 PM, Dizzy said:

I wonder how many miles he rode in a day and how many he sold.  I'd imagine everyone really looked forward to him going down their street and he probably got to know most people on his routes too.  Nice that 😁

He used to push it most of the time Dizzy ,round Orford.

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