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  1. I was a nurse at Winwick Hospital in the early 1970s. There used to be a website called Winwick Remembered which had a lot of photos and reminiscences but it no longer exists. There is a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/98498968505/ .
  2. I am curious whether the cause of this problem was found.
  3. I tried deleting the saved logins for warrington worldwide forum but that didn't make any difference - password still not recognised (in Firefox). The signin window says to sign in with either the display name or email address. I have been trying to sign in with my email address so decided to try with my display name instead. And bugger me if that resulted in a successful signin - the problem wasn't my password, it was not recognising my email address.
  4. I have to keep resetting my password to be able to sign in, but after signing out and trying to sign back in I get "The password you entered is incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off). " I am stuck in this loop. After one attempt to reset my password I got the following error message: "Sorry, there is a problem. You are not awaiting validation for a lost password request. Error code: 2S151/1" I have contacted admin and they have reset my password but the problem persists. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Those illicit photos brought back many happy memories. I was a pupil at Richard Fairclough Secondary Modern School (Dickie Flourbags) from 1956 to 1960, and we were taken regularly by bus to the Legh Street baths for swimming lessons by Mr Anderson. I was mad keen on swimming in my teens, so much so that I had a season ticket. The baths had a workshop where my grandfather Jim Gibbins worked. He was a carpenter by trade and I would go and find him in the workshop after I had been swimming. I knew that area of Warrington well, I was in the army cadets which used the drill hall for training. I spent a year at Warrington Infirmary out of the three years that I did training as a nurse.
  6. Final update: I have been in touch with the owners of Warren Hill at 2 Warren Lane Woolston, which is at the junction of Hillock Lane and Warren Lane, and they confirm that the premises were once used as a maternity home. Mystery solved!
  7. Hi everyone, an update, Woolston RD on my birth certificate is an abbreviation for Woolston Rural District, not Woolston Road, sorry for the confusion! Warrington Library hasn't got any record of a maternity home in Woolston so if anyone comes across any information I would be interested.
  8. I can't remember where that photo was taken, I was probably walking with the Sunday School which I went to at St John's Mission Church in Grosvenor Avenue. I was also in the choir, so that meant I was at church three times every Sunday, first for the morning service to sing in the choir, then at the Sunday School in the afternoon, then back in the evening for the Sunday evening service to sing in the choir. Then choir practice one evening during the week.
  9. Just so there is no confusion, this is me age about 8. Sorry, but I can't remember any of the other boys names, it was nearly 60 years ago!
  10. Hi Dizzy, thanks for that info. I am going to try the library/museum, they may have a record in their archives and old maps or directories that show a Woolston Road.
  11. I am fourth from the left on the back row.
  12. That's me with my cap on in the middle of the last row.
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