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Warning!! I've received an email, purporting to be from TV Licensing, saying that my Direct Debit had failed and instructing me to set up a new DD using the link provided otherwise my license would cease to be valid. Obviously a scam, and a little research reveals that this is rampant just now. So beware, if you get an email like this think twice before clicking any link.

My first thought, to be honest, was to do nothing even if it was really TVL thinking if they aren't efficient enough to collect a valid DD they don't deserve to be paid.

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Odd thing that i had the same one this morning.

knew it was a scam straight away as i don't pay my tv license by DD but at the post office when i get the reminder through the post and at that i always wait until the last day.

That way at least i know that they are not getting extra interest on my money from having it earlier than they need it.ūü§®

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Only had that one twice so far.

"BT technical department,we have noticed criminal activity on yourinternet connection and will terminate your internet in the next 24-48 hours. press 1 to speak to an advisor. press 2 to have your internet cut off."

get that call at least once a week have done for the last six months.

Best one i had was some guy trying to sell me one of those telephone preferencing services. I told him the don't work. he asked me why i thought that and was most annoyed when i pointed out i already had one but he had still managed to get through.

By the way still waiting for my internet to be terminated..........‚úāÔłŹ.............ūü§≠

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20 hours ago, Latchford Locks said:

I only ever open emails whom I know are from my regular correspondents.

The rest are deleted immediately.

If it was something crucially important I'm sure they would know me and my other contact means ie, address/phone number.

It seems to have worked so far.

Image result for spam email funny images

I say Latch ,looking at all your messages in bottles ,i don't know if you have been watching Poldark  but they have an 18th century postal service that is faster than e mail.

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A lot of people still seem to be getting the TV licencing one and some are saying it looks really official and they nearly fell for it despite being computer savvy.

There is also apparently a dodgy website that people are inadvertently using to pay their Mersey Gatway tolls that's not actually the official site. 
It even apparently comes up first on searches for paying the tolls and looks like the real one !!!  Plus when you pay you get an email 'receipt' which again looks official and seemingly from the official site but it's NOT.   

Bloody scammers  everywhere but for whatever reason most seem to still be able to get away with it.  You'd think in this day and age once they are know about the world wide web boffins could pull the plug on them in seconds...so why don't they !! 

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