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Champions league


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Hope I don't PO too many people, but for a die hard United fan since 1948, this should be hard to say, but it's not.  The scenes today after Liverpools fantastic win, with the crowd singing, were some of the best emotional moments in sport.  Great !

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Well done to Liverpool in pulling that off. It has to be said though that they were helped by a Barca team that looked well off pace in both games, and were lucky to be 3-0 ahead on aggregate at the start of last night's game.

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A friend of mine has two tickets for the 2019 Champions league final. They are box seats plus airfares and hotel accommodations. He didn't realize when he bought them that this is the same day as his wedding - so he can't go.

If you're interested and want to go instead of him, it's at St. Pauls Church in west derby liverpool at 5 PM. Her name is Emma. She will be the one in the white dress!

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11 hours ago, asperity said:

Terrible game of football but the slightly better team won on the day.

can't help being bitter can you?  When is the " We drew at home with Liverpool" DVD in the shops?  Good luck to Everton in Europe next year lol

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Clearly the best team in Europe, landing the biggest prize in Club football.

Surely beats being best team in England whether you like Brexit or not!

Liverpool clearly like being in Europe :)

Next season will again be a two horse race in the Premiership and it will probably come down to who gets the most points of who - City beat Liverpool so they deserved the title this year. Liverpool's victory over Barcelona in the semi-final was on the greatest ever sporting achievements and certainly matched the miracle of Instanbul.

It is certainly a joy to be a Liverpool fan these days and for City to be the BIg club in Manchester :)


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