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A young couple, who are family friends of ours,  arrived last week at Gatwick airport for a two week UK vacation.  As a thankyou treat, they took along their young daughter's part time nanny.  At passport control they were questioned as to why the girl had a different name, so they explained that the girl was their daughter's nanny and they were treating her to a trip.  The response was " If she's a nanny she cannot come in without a work permit, she will have to get back on the plane and return to America."   It took four hours of explaining with phone calls to the states etc. before she was eventually permitted in.   What do y'all think?

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If I stretch my reasoning I can just about see some of the official line, but it's hard for me to do because I personally have been the butt of Gatwick officials on a couple of occasions.  They were as dumb as fence posts and exceptionally belligerent and officious.  They seem to have watched too many cop movies where they scream and shout and allow no questions.  

Maybe if they had said they were Muslims, the Mayor of London may have stepped in !!  Or am I remembering wrong, is Boris still the mayor?

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I, or rather my wife had a similar experience where one wrong word caused a visa refusal. I was on a long business trip and my wife and kids thought it would be good to come out and see me for a couple of weeks, When asked about the reason for here visit she said to visit my husband who is working there (rather than on business) and that was enough to put the mockers on things. it took nearly six weeks to clear this on up!

They said on telly this morning that the average waiting time for none EU citizens entering the country at was upwards of 2 hours.


Bill :)

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