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EU dictatorship -

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Having elected Eurosceptic, populist Parties to power in Italy,  with plans to hold a referendum of membership of the Euro;  the powers that be, acting through the Italian President refused the nomination of their proposed Finance Minister.  A blatant example of the anti-democratic nature of the EU and it's contempt for the will of the people.     :ph34r:

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Another example of our liberal media reporting tonight on CH4 news:  having given a report on the swearing in of the new "populist" Gov; who are supposedly commited to stopping and reversing the influx of illegal migrants from Africa; no interview with the new political leaders or any of the populace that voted for them; but an interview with two HR activists, committed to promoting asylum and "rescuing" them from the sea.     :angry:

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15 minutes ago, Confused52 said:

As the bowl of petunias thought when the infinite improbability drive was switched off , oh no not again!

Nonsense remains nonsense, even when talked by world-famous scientists.

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11 minutes ago, Observer II said:

It's all your worth    :rolleyes:

Sadly too it’s all you have, that’s grammatically accurate.  Schooling in the old days must have been so very poor.  Did they not get to the proper use of the apostrophe?

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