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Well, 79 today and to date a wonderful life.  No intention of shutting down just yet. As usual, out last night at a good ole Texas country dance, hat, boots and jeans polished for the occasion, wish I knew how to post pictures..  Just got back from a 20 mile bike training ride and feeling strong.   Enough of that.   I was born on the cusp between the Victorian and the modern age - Algy knows what I mean.    I lived through WW2, watched the bombs drop on Risley and had a million laughs at the ARP training sessions in Woolston.  Hard to believe that during my early years, the CO-OP did house deliveries with a horse and cart, the farmers were still ploughing with horses and took their produce to Warrington market with horses.  Steam driven trucks still ran up and down Manchester Road with sparks and ash flying.  Hard to comprehend.  Now I'm writing this on an IPad, who would have thought.

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sounds like you had a good day. I am sure dizz can sot you out on posting pictures.

if you think about it things may have progressed as regards technology but it is going backwards in some respects. You mentioned deliveries by the co-op.  these were phased out for a while and are now back with the advent of online shopping.

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Happy Birthday Stallard :D  Sounds like you had a great day. 

Reading your post though re you saying you were 'born in the cusp between the Victorian and the modern age' not to mention your other comments...to me that did make you sound very old ha ha.   I have to say though that I wish I had half the energy you have and I have never ever done a 20 mile bike ride in my life for starters.  Blumey I need a sleep after just imagining and typing that ha ha.

You are the same age as my dad given a few months...like you he is super active and runs rings round me and most of his 'younger' family.  I guess there must have been something special in the water when you were all growing up :D

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