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Driverless HGVs ?

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Well the first report i heard suggested that one driver would be controlling 3 vehicles then a later report said each vehicle would still need its own driver for steering purposes. It still won't stop cars causing accidents by cutting other vehicles up & by going straight from 3rd lane to slip road across traffic.

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the driver in the front vehicle will do all the ,manoeuvring, the drivers in the other two are there just in case anything goes amiss. Can't see it catching on as they will still have to pay three drivers but only one will be working the other two will probably be sat watching videos or catching up on sleep.

The excuse for the idea is that the three vehicles can be much closer to each other so saving on fuel somehow. going to be great fun getting on the motorway from a short slip road, bad enough now in places with the line of HGV's trundling past so close together that yoou would be hard pressed to get a mini in the gap let alone a decent sized car.

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I know there is a shortage of HGV drivers by many thousands so you would think the first move would be to bring the government training boards back  & get people off unemployment benefit & out of part time jobs & into full time well paid work. The long term aim of driverless vehicles is obviously to reduce the need for HGV drivers thereby creating even more unemployment & living off the state with less tax & NI paid into the system.

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2 hours ago, Bazj said:

because in Australia they have long, empty, open roads where having a 300ft long lorry doesn't cause any issues....

They have road trains in Finland and Sweden.

How is it different from three trucks closely following each other?

I do not see it working on busy UK roads even at night, 

It is called Platooning by the way.

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