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Dress Code.


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Seems the European Court of Justice has finally made a common sense decision; that employers can require employees to wear "neutral dress" at work, which means that all displays of religious symbols in the work place can be banned. So finally a 21st century decision against anachronistic superstitions ?

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But what is classed as a religious symbol? and who will decide?

Will sikhs have to remove their turbans, satanists their pentangles, what about st christopher medals (although he is not an official st )

With all the religious sects about these days it will be almost impossible to sort out. I can just imagine some poor guy stood at the works gate with a big clipboard, "That's not allowed it is the sacred symbol of the attawana pygmy tribe from the upper reaches of the congo delta upper tributary sect as ratified in the convocation of 1864 by high priest gibberer the third. take it off":blink::D

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Surely not that difficult. Employer says please do not wear that item of jewellery or clothing. Employee says yes, no problem; employee says no then disciplinary. What has changed is that the defence of it being a religious symbol cannot be used to prevent the disciplinary proceedings. There is no need to decide anything at all based on religion, instead it has moved to the far more contentious area of taste and convention, which change with time so employers have to write codes very carefully. No, it won't work will it?

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Seems like a sensible move but obviously those who do wear such attire and are already employed by companies wont be happy about it. 

Surely if they are already employed by a company who has taken them on in full knowledge and approval of them being allowed to wear certain items for religious reasons it would be very difficult for the same employer to now make them remove them or to dismiss them if they refuse.

Most work places have some sort of 'work wear' rules though that employees have to abide by so as long as employees stipulate what is or isn't allowed when people apply for jobs, go for interviews and are taken on then they have to abide by them.   Simples.......or is it :wink:


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