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New year


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Happy New Year Stallard :D  x

Hope you and family are well and nice to see you on here again.  

PS I'm sane too....honest....well I think I am......actually maybe I'm not.... but I deffo was until I joined this forum 11 years ago  :lol::wink:

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I think we'll make it Obs, at least in Texas, where men are men ...........    Just like y'all, we are beset with too many dumb idiots, but after Brexit and Trump, their voices are getting fainter, so maybe there is some commonsense hope for us.  At least Trump is not a politician - look where they took us!!!   His first moves have been positive and businesslike and contrast definitively with the stock, mindless rhetoric, still being spouted by the opposition.  Some Democrats are openly saying that they don't care what Trump proposes they are going to fight it, they would rather America fail than Trump be successful.  They don't seem to realize that the populace has had enough of inane drivel and are still not grasping the extent of upsurge in political nausea.  This is why they lost (plus they had the head idiot for a candidate) and unless they wake up and smell the coffee, they won't see power again for twenty years.

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Believe it or not, Trump is a moderate, he has never been a fanatical conservative, in fact, in the past he has criticized Republicans as much as he has Democrats.   All the negativity at the moment is coming from the liberal politicians, communistic university professors, media and Hollywood elites, who refuse to accept that the 'deplorables' don't love them or Hillary  and will not do anything they say.  It is all a desperate attempt to find someone to blame other than themselves, cos obviously, it couldn't possibly be their fault.

Trump is no fool, he has made two billion dollars twice !  He has surrounded himself with the best people in all aspects of government.  The only worried people are the ones who support transgender bathrooms, unlimited welfare with no controls, unfettered immigration and Islamic terrorists, those people will see their world crumble.  Just want to give you a heads up, cos I'm guessing that you wont hear it on the BBC.

Here endeth the first lesson.

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Confirms my view Tex, that the spoilt, over-paid liberal elite in the La La land bubble are still spitting their dummies out, like Mzzzz Streep.  Over here we have, what I call the Islington Soviet, (Labour Party), led by a multi-ethic, multi-gender bunch of liberal luvvies; prepared to invite the world into the UK regardless of any pragmatic assessment of our capacity to take them; and totally detached from the working class north of Watford Gap, that originated the Labour Party. The Liberals are even worse, but at least are more honest about it.

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