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Anyone surprised ? -


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It's so awful and my heart goes out to all the people who were involved and to their families :(

Was I shocked by it?  Yes I was.

Was I surprised by it?  Yes I was even though these evil acts of terrorism are happening more and more all around the world
and yet again here we have one carried out by someone who was already under suspicion and being watched.

How on earth can the authorities ever protect us from evil attacks of this sort :(


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The reality is they can't, there is no 100% protection against this sort of thing.  However, it certainly doesn't help if over a million migrants, with a 7th century mind set; are not only allowed into the EU, but actually invited into Germany by their Leader; with no ID checks, security screening etc; such a degree of naivity is frankly mind blowing.  If we take this alleged perpetrator as an example:  he had a criminal record in his Home Country of Tunisia;  illegally entered Italy where he was convicted of arson and served a prison sentence, but wasn't deported.  Then moved into Germany, where he was on the Police watch list, and being processed for deportation having failed an asylum application.  So even when known about, we have such a legal minefield, that immediate arrest and deportation is not possible, allowing such nutcases to roam free.  Even if we ignore the culture clash and accept that 99.9% of migrants are simply "seeking a better life";  this still leaves thousands of potential nutcases to commit these lone wolf attacks in the name of a primitive, outdated ideology.  Solutions ?  Well there are no 100% ones;  but it certainly helps if all entrants to the UK or EU are identified, recorded and security screened; and laws changed to allow the immediate arrest and deportation of all illegals. The asylum process needs to be measured in days rather than years and current HR laws need to be amended to facilitate this.

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Apparently, this offender had entered Italy illegally several years ago & spent time in jail there for offences but couldn't be deported because he had no passport. He has since travelled up through open borders through Europe to Germany & was on the the German police watch list for suspicions  other than potential terrorism. He is also thought to have crossed 3 or 4 different open borders on an evasive route to Milan.

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