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Question mark over future of Tory leader


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Putting politics to one side Paul would be a sad loss from the borough council.

He speaks from the heart, is not a political puppet and works hard in his constituency.



probably why they want to push him out.... he shows the rest of them up for what they are - useless

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Hatton, Stretton and Walton are going to be part of Appleton. If Paul wants to continue representing the people in this area why doesn't he just put himself up for election in the 'new' Appleton ward?


That is of course a very good and valid question and is part of the dilemma. There is a thought that sometimes when changes occur, that that is the time to take stock of the situation, discuss with family, consider a four year commitment, look at other opportunities etc etc etc.

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Well looking on the brighter side of things, if Paul decides it's time for a rest away from politics then maybe we'll see a bit more of him here again.



Bill :)


He would be a loss to the local political scene. God knows it can't afford to lose the better councillors. 

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