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Parliament at Warrington omega?


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Build Parliament at Omega  and let HMG use the facilities for the next five years.


this would solve several problems

It would take away the need for expensive consultation to build sheds on the site. HMG would fund the building of a modern office block with lecture theatres equipped with modern technology and have several thousand new houses built on the site next to the MP place of work  all for free!


There would be no embarrassment about the planning permission farce.


New roads would be built to accommodate the traffic and probably a new junction on the M62 to give MPs their own access to the new building.

Again no [planning and no cost to Warrington.


Downing Street could be moved to Burtonwood and give Mr Oneil another ego boost.


ALL AT NO COST to Warrington  who would be left with a profitable source if income in five years.

What a no brainer deal.


Even the Home Office have a site nearby and staff could utilise the Warrington bus linking Omega with Birchwood  yet another cost saver.

Chapelford rail station could provide a fast link for train passengers wanting access to the new Parliament  and hmg would bear the costs!


Airports nearby would see increased business and probably couid get better facilities for free all paid for by the State!


The list of positives goes on  so what about kit?

House prices would rise  business for local shops  Parliamentarian  could even have their goods delivered to an nearby shed


What awinner!!!




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Here's a thought:- Sell the Palace of Westminster to the highest bidder (it must be worth a fortune - prime riverside site), knock down Buckingham Palace (which I believe is also in need of extensive and expensive renovation) and build a new Parliament building there. They could also include living accomodation for all MP's and hangers on which would save them having to defraud the country buy second homes in the capital. Could end up being profitable for the country. Liz can always go and live in one of her other properties.

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Believe they have three options: 1) All move out to one of 4 optional venues, meaning that the work will last 6 years. 2) Lords or Commons move out, for around 12 years. OR 3) All stay put, with the work lasting over 30 years.  It will be interesting to see what the final bill will be; as the current estimate of £6billion becomes subject to cost over-runs. No doubt this is an iconic building and worthy of saving, if only to keep it on the sauce bottle; but it provides the opportunity to seriously consider moving the political capital of the UK to a more geographically central position; if only to remind those in the Westminster bubble, that the Nation consists of more than London.

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cheaper to let them all stay at home and use the modern technology that they are all keen for us to embrace.


want to discuss something use skype.

conference video calls are easy to set up as well.

need to vote well they want us to vote via the web so why not them.


big cost saving in travelling and second homes and at least £4million in subsidised drinks and meals.


no need then to revamp the building in a rush wouldn't matter if it took 100 years and just think of all teh affordable housing it could accomodate.

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cannot say it is original. sure one our our concillors or somebody on the council payroll emigrated before the end of his term but still carried on working for th council till the end of his contract using video conferencing etc.


may be wrong about that though.


also it will be a good use of those ipads and up to date laptops that our mp.s have been supplied with.

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