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welfare cheats


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Seems that a new generation of Welfare cheats has sprung up, only this time it's big business, who, it seems are taking on Universal Credit claimants and offering a months work without pay as a trial, only to claim at the end of the month that they are unsuitable and can they send another claimant for a months trial also without pay. Companies run by Sebb Blatter clones it seems. Bring on the revolution.

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Isn't it income based these days so if your not being paid you have no income. 

Obviously you have to be willing to give up your unpaid job if by and remote chance the Job Centre Plus idiots actually managed to help you find a paid job.  Absolutely useless !!! :twisted:

Anyway don't get me started on them just in case I ever have to sign on and someone tells them who I am.

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By the nature of the jopbseekers allowance you have to actively seeking a job and if you are working, albeit for no wages, you cannot also be seeking a job as you will not have the time and with that criteria not met you will lose your jobseekers allowance.


I know as they tried that one on me when i was signing on. i was sending off three or four job applications a day and at the time keeping an eye on my mum and my father in law. when the works and pension people looked at my weekly log they referred me to "a colleague" who then told me that because of the time i was spemnding keeping an eye on people they deemed that i was not actively seeking a job and that they would stop my money. i said to him go ahead and stop it as from today. his face was a picture when he loked at the screen an dfound that i was not getting any money from them anyway as my works pensionwas mor ethan the job seekers allowance. i was only signing on to keep my state pension contribution up. and at that i had more than enouh years in for a full pension.

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