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iPhone backup HELP


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Has anyone got one of those bloody annoying iPhones... if so help please before I lose the will to live.

Son has iPhone 4s which keeps saying it needs to update to IOS 8 but when he tries it says there is not enough space (or something like that).

In the year he's had it he's only been able to update it twice and the last time he finished up losing ALL his photos etc etc. 

We went into the 3 store today to ask their advice and they have said he has to

1) back his iPhone up to iTunes 

2) reset his iPhone back to factory settings which will wipe EVERYTHING off it

3) run the update

4) put anything back on that he wants again (presumably from his backup)

The chap in the store said to watch youtube but to be 100% SURE we had saved everything before resetting to factory default..... infact he said that about 5 times along with 'they cant be held responsible' which makes me wonder

Anyway..... we have backed it up using iTunes although I'm not convinced that it has actually backed up all his photos/videos/contacts  HOW CAN WE TELL.  The only thing we are sure it's backed up are 12 APPS as they show when we click on APPS in iTunes. 

Is there a better way to back things up to a PC so you can at least see what you've got. 

Absolute madness and I'm no technophobe and not dim when it comes to pc's etc but this is ridiculous and why the heck to apple issue updates that are too big to fit on their damn phones without the need to delete everything !!!

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Just follow the steps 1 to 4.   If you are worried about losing stuff copy to a PC/Laptop.

That's what we are trying to do Eagle.... but when we back up to the PC through iTunes is just shows a date stamp... ie no idea what it has backed up and no way of looking at all the photos etc to double check.


So... if we follow steps 1 to 4 (and the backup was successful and did actually do what it was supposed to do) then surely if we have updated the IOS (once there's enough space) then there wont be enough space to restore the backup to put everything back on again.


God... I'm confusing myself again now


He/we wish he'd not got the damn thing now as it's more trouble than it's worth and theres another 12 months left on the damn contract too although they did say we could pay £300 to get out of it... <EXPLETIVES> !!

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We used that link and did as it said but still no way of knowing what has been backed up... the chap in the 3 store was adamant that we had to be 100% sure after backing up that everything had been done or it would be lost after resetting to factory defaults.


On my android I just plug it into my usb and open it as a hard drive and copy/paste all my pics/videos to my pc just like you would with any other external drive... so simple

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Ah the joys of modern technology.


will stick to the one i have. best app on it is the one that lets me make phone calls. :mrgreen:


One alternative option for the pictures is to send them as mms messages to another phone as backup.


Does the phone have a seperate memory card? if so can you not back up the pictures to that?


not had much to do with these "smart" phones in general and with the Iphone in particular. Think the updates are apples way of making you pay for apps you already have when you have wiped them from the phone. seem to be quite a few complaints about this sort of thing on the web.

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There is no reason to restore the phone to factory settings to perform an update.  The reason you can not update from the phone its self is that there isn't enough room, it downloads the update, then needs space to unpack it to then install.  If you update whilst it's tethered to the laptop it will use the laptop hard-drive (not the iPhone) to store and unpack the update.


  • You should connect the phone via USB to the laptop/computer (normally the computer that it was set up on and syncs to for music etc.
  • Launch iTunes and perform a backup (just incase, and yest it does back up photos, apps, music, contacts)
  • Click on Check for Update (look at the attached pic)
  • follow the prompts and let iTunes do it's thang!!!!



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Not having enough memory on a phone for it to download upgrades can cause hugh problems as I found out to my cost just recently.


Many of my customers had opted to use relatively cheap Samsung devices that had limited storage. They had worked fine until October last year when Google decided to do some automatic updates that were too big to fit into the phones memory. Then because the download failed, it would try again each and every day, failing each time. But because this was all happening in the background, the first indication that something was wrong was when we received a bill for £24,000 excess data use. :wacko:


Our billing is a month behind so another month of this had occurred before we knew about it so November’s bill had an excess of £25,000.


With several thousand devices spread all over the country, we had a hell of a job all over the Christmas period to get them all sorted out but even so not quick enough to stop Decembers bill hitting over £27,000.


So my advice to anyone running a smart phone with a limited data allowance is either to make sure the phone has data limits set correctly or to dissable the backgrond data.



Bill :)

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:shock: :shock: Good grief Bill that's a shocker.  Have you had to actually pay that  ?   

Re: our sons phone that kept trying to update and failed all the time too but thankfully his is set so he can't go over his 1GB data allowance. Once he reached his limit access is blocked PHEW. 

We still haven't got all his photo's off and backed up and updated the IOS yet as we never seen to have more than 5 minutes that we are together so haven't had time but thinking about it he is always reaching his data limit very quickly these days, last month the whole allowance was used up in 5 days so I wonder if maybe that is why.  Chances are it's all the time he spends on facebook and the likes though.

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Yes so I'm £75,000 out of pocket at the moment thanks to Google. The sims we provide are special but only have a tiny 50meg allowance which under normal circumstances is more than enough for a month for a taxi. I can disable any that show excessive usage but if I do that, I put someone out of a job so not an easy problem to solve.


Anyhow the point is that your device can be downloading and updating data in background that your probably not aware of. And while this isn't normally an issue for newer devices, some older ones with lower contract limits can rack up some scary bills that you can't avoid paying. I've heard several horror stories from companies (not using our sims) that ended up with thousands of pounds worth of excess.


Food for thought if you have an older phone.


Bill :)

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