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Snow is falling..... all around me....


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Well that was a surprise...... 5pm pouring down with rain and all the roads and grids round here overflowing then in the blink of an eye rain turned to turned to big snowflakes and has STUCK.

Where's my sledge... anyone want to play out ??  LOVE IT :D :D

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Well some of it still about this morning and frozen solid on the side roads and footpaths.Having just got back from walking the dog i can say that it is very dodgy underfoot in places. SO if you have to go out take a bit of extra care as what looks loike snow is definietly ice.


Not ventured onto the main roads yet but have seen a bus going past so they may be clear.

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well it must have snowed again last night. roads were almost clear when i went to bed. got up this morning and it is (as barrymore would say) all white. dog not too happy about it as he is wobbly enough on his feet at best of times.


looking at the sky there are plentty of grey clouds about so looks as if we may be in for a bit more before the day is out. going to be fun going to the chemist later on methinks.

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