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What would you do?


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Saw something on telly last night that got me wondering. Some computer glitch somewhere on the net caused many of the online shopping websites to show all the products priced at 1p. The problem took 20 minutes to sort out but during that time the web was awash with people spreading the word and cashing in on the bargains. The guy they interviewed managed to buy £6K of products for less than £3.


I saw a similar thing a while back but then it was a deliberate attempt to see how people would react to something like this. The program makers rigged a cash dispenser to give free cash while displaying a message requesting the user to advise the bank of the problem. The vast majority of people did go into the bank but a couple of young girls just helped themselves and said the banks deserve ti be ripped off.


Maybe it's different out in public than in the privacy of the online environment?


Question is what would you do in these circumstances?


Bill :)

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Many years ago in Spain I went into a bank and changed some travellers cheques (Remember them???) The cashier was a complete arse and very rude.... I noticed when I got outside that he had actually given me double the exchange rate.... I went back in and changed the rest of the cheques I had with the same guy..... happy days!

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being an honest person (for a given value of henesty that is) i would have attempted to point out the mistake to the website. Although the last time I pointed out an error like that on a website I got a very curt email back from them sating that "they were awaare of the problem" but not in so many words. (the actual reply was "YES WE KNOW!!!!!" )


As for the bank one I would report it straight away on the off chance that the "free" money was coming out of my account.


Baj had a similar experience once whilst shopping in woolworths. gave the assistant a £10.00 note for items totalling £3.00 and she gave me change for a £20.00. when i tried to point out she had given me the wrong change she very rudely insisted that it was right before i had even had a chance to say that she had given me too much. needless to say i just shrugged and walked away.

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