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Are you being eaten alive too ?


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Well ok that was a bit of an overstatement ...... 

Are gnats mutating and getting more vicious or is there something else in the air who's bites are worse?   Whatever it was bit my finger last night just before I went to bed, not that I saw or felt it bite me me but my finger went a bit red an swollen.

It's been getting bigger by the hour all day and it's now spreading over my knuckle too and my finger looks like a fat sausage... a very hot fat sausage.  Should I just put a bun round it as antiseptic and creams don't seem to work :lol:

I wonder what's in the red bubble forming that's forming in the middle too..... OMG what if it's a spider bite and that's baby spiders growing in me..... imagination overdrive !!

I don't think my finger skin can stretch any more.. what is the ripping point of skin anyone know?  :cry::lol:  

I suppose it serves me right though for laughing at our son who's gone on and on about his 4 whopping big bites for a few days now.  :mrgreen: 

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Most of the time they dissapear after a couple of days but you need to watch out for infections. I ignored a bite one time and ended up having to go to hospital for some kind of injections for blood poisoning. Got a right rolloking from the doctor for not going earlier but it just seemed a bit silly going to the doctor with it. Thing you have to watch out for is when red veines that start growing from the bite just under the skin and this is blood poisoning. :(


Meanwhile put some ceam on it and maybe get some mossie repelant.


Bill :)

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Blimey that sounds nasty Bill.  No veins on mine so I guess I'll live.  My big red bubble in the centre of the swelling looks like it's going to pop soon now though... I wonder what will come out :lol: 

Off to get some mozzi repellant like you say.  I'm so glad it didn't bite the end of my nose  :lol: 

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:lol: :lol: I see I get no sympathy from you lot then :P

Yes Geoff I'm still alive thanks.  I went to the chemist in the doctors surgery at tea time yesterday and the lady behind the counter was a bit shocked to see my huge bite and dirty red bubble.
Anyway she gave me some anthisan cream and told me to keep an eye on it but if got much worse or didn't go in a week to go to the docs.  She said everyone seems to be being bitten or stung by things at the moment,

By bed time it had spread even more and was now two knuckles and half way up part of my hand too and really hot....so my son said I should pop the bubble cos that would let the 'poison' out and that's what he'd done and it felt better.

So needle..... pop (well took a few times) and a gentle little squeeze but it didn't feel any better so my son went into 'mummy mode', made me sit down, and grabbed by finger and gave it a manly squeeze to get 'whatever' out.  Bloody hell that hurt...  it was really sore then and seemed to go even hotter and more puffy.... probably not such a good idea after all :lol:

Just to be on the safe side I drew a outline around it all on my hand so I'd know if it spread much more over night :oops:

I'm happy to say it hasn't and my hand and knuckles are definately less red and puffy this morning although my finger is still sausage like and sore ..... hurrah it must be going :D

I went to bed covered in Jungle Formula insect repellant cos all I could think of was what if there was another 'whatever' in the house and it bit the end of my nose while I was sleeping ha ha

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You could always try a bit of soap and sugar mix on a plaster. One of my grans soveriegn remedies for anything that was infected. We used to swear at it. (most people would say by it but it did sting a bit when first applied). Seems to draw all the "poison" out of the infected area, good for getting deep splinters out as well.

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The nasty effect is probably the bodies own defences producing 'Histamine', the problem is that some bodies produce too much and that's when you need Anti-Histamine tablets and cream. Apparently women going through the 'change' because of hormonal imbalances are more prone :wink:  :wink:

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