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Poor condition of the Cenotaph area.


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A few weeks ago we had a young lady visit us from South Carolina and gave her a whistle stop tour of Warrington to show her the finer points of our town, need I say this did not take long, the Cenotaph was one of the places we visited, this short video clip illustrates why I felt so let down by the poor state of the approach with dirty, broken paving stones, surely the town owes it to the brave service men and women who gave their lives for us who live here, to keep this area pristine, especially in 2014!.

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That is an absolute disgrace and WBC should be totally ashamed of themselves for allowing it to be in that state.  

With the amount of money spent doing up the lower end of Bridge Street with new paving and plant pots and also the huge amount of money they are currently spending on the Town Hall's  Bank Park surely it is not much to ask that this small area of paving could and should have been done too.  

Whoever is in charge of highways and also various councillors must be aware of it as I'm guessing it would have been like that on Remembrance Sunday when a lot of  them attended so why the bloody hell haven't they done something about it !!

Not only does it look a mess and is disrespectful but at full screen it is very clear to see that all those broken and uneven paving stones are dangerous too especially for anyone a little unstable on their feet.

GET IT SORTED AND QUICKLY PLEASE WBC.... This year is the 100th Anniversary of WW1 so it would be very fitting if the main cenotaph had some TLC other than just you just planting some lovely poppies !!!!!

On a slightly similar note I noticed a local Walton Parish Councillor tending to the area around the Walton Cenotaph last Thursday.  He was cleaning, tidying, weeding and planting lovely red flowers in a border around it and had a car full of bottles of water too to water them all with too... I thought that was lovely and a little bit of effort and kindness by one person can mean so much to many more.  Everyone is saying how lovely it looks so well done Walton Parish Council and maybe others could take leaf out of their book.

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