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as the bin man bin?

Evil Sid

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Due to last thursdays one day strike my bin was not emptied. Not a big deal as I was expecting it having checked on teh council website prior to the strike.


However what I have not been able to find out is when it will be emptied. There was a reference to them running a catch up service starting today, tuesday but apart from that no real indication as to what day I should put my bin out.


If I put it out today and they do not turn up I will have to take it back in again in case it gets set alight or tipped over strewing rubbish all over the area.


It would be handy if the council could have given a definite day for the extra collection. They could have said that both bins will be emptied on the normal collection day of thursday.


the result being for my area is a line of blue bins, last weeks missed colelction, and by this weeks collection day a line of black bins. I would also like to know if the additional collection will have a knock on effect on this weeks collection. it is bad enough with bins being "abandoned" in the back alleys. Much more of them and the council rat catcher may have to be called in.


So does anybody know "as the bin man bin yet"

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From the news page last Wednesday


Bins that are normally collected tomorrow will not be collected and black bins that would have been collected will now be collected from Tuesday, July 15 and the following days until all collections are complete.
Residents should place their black bin at the normal collection point from 6.30am.
Blue and green bins normally collected tomorrow will not be collected until the next scheduled day – Thursday, July 24.

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This is what appeared on the council web page prior to the strike - http://www.warrington.gov.uk/news/article/1298/industrial_action_on_thursday_10_july there is a note to say that it will be updated if there are any changes - so far it hasn't changed so it stands.



If your bin is due to be collected on Thursday 10 July, it will not be collected.

Black bin collections due on Thursday 10 July will take place from Tuesday 15 July and each subsequent day thereafter until all collections are completed. Residents should place their black bin at the normal collection point from 6.30am.  The council will make arrangements for the black bin to be collected as soon as possible from Tuesday 15 July. Recycling collections of blue and green bins on Thursday 10 July will be suspended until the next scheduled collection of Thursday 24 July.

The council's three household waste recycling centres at Woolston, Gatewarth and Stockton Heath, which are operated by Environmental Waste Controls, will be open as normal on Thursday 10 July.

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Our bin men come on Wednesday's so we never really affected by things. I hope to intercept them tomorrow morning though in the hope they will let me put something directly into their bin wagon. I can't wait to see their faces when I ask them and they realise why I didn't want to put it in my own black bin.

I'll upload a photo of 'it' for you all to see tomorrow as photobucket's being really slow at the moment so you will have to wait 8)

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When i worked for WBC in the seventies the bin men always used to work every Saturday because of the heath issues over uncollected rubbish ,even though they did manage to finish work at 1 pm every day . Even more oddly they were able to take a full 2 weeks off from rubbish collections at Christmas when health issues must have disappeared for a fortnight.

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Ugh! Not the flies is it?  I've been plagued with them this week!

Yes Anne but I hope you have a strong stomach when you see the result of my little 4 day experiment just to see how many there are and how a simple 'smell' such as a bin, dog mess or bag or rubbish left out in the backs for example can attract so many. 

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