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  1. I only know that the contractor has been asked to repair the bench as soon as possible. It must have taken some strength to uproot the bench from the concrete settings. I hope the police can find these idiots.
  2. The family approached the parish council to request permission for the bench to placed at the pit. The parish council didn't fund it. Its a disgraceful act of vandalism.
  3. Its not the way the NHS should be treating people. There is no way anyone can plan how long to pay for because appointments can overrun and the clinics I have been to never, ever keep to time. I have spent two hours waiting in clinics on occasions. I'm pleased a friend told me I could have routine blood tests at Orford Hub. Very few queues and free parking!
  4. The noise and inconvenience pales into insignificance compared to the deaths of those two dogs. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. The green bins have a small opening in the lid. I have tried to put some green waste in one and its very difficult as the hole is too small and the small lid that lifts up doesn't stay up on its own! So you have to take a friend with you or try to keep the lid open with one arm while emptying your bag or whatever with the other. A number of residents do manage with one green bin collected fortnightly, but clearly many can't and they regularly take additional green waste to the tip.
  6. All part of the bigger issue of either a national shortage of GPs or some surgeries not employing enough GPs to cope with their patients list. I can get an appointment on the day I call my surgery, yet at the next nearest surgery its a 3 week wait. How come? I've no doubt people do go to A&E because they can't get to see their GP.
  7. Yes they've lost me too Dizzy .... Its a huge site. I hope it doesn't end up as another aircraft-hangar-type-shop.
  8. I have a great deal of sympathy for all councils - they have all had to juggle finances for many years now. It isn't just a South issue though. Closure of Sandy Lane will inevitably push even more traffic over the bridges and clog up Bridgefoot and Liverpool Road even more. The council just seems to have taken the easy way out - need to save money, just close something - rather than work with parish councils and the wider community to research other options.
  9. The sensible option would be to reduce the days/opening hours at all three to try to keep them all open. But then they couldn't sell the Sandy Lane site. There should also be ways of involving private or community interest organisations to manage recycling without it impacting so much on the council's budget. Trouble is we don't know what options were originally considered and why closure is the only option. The full cost (by which I mean providing, maintaining and cleaning facilities PROPERLY) of additional bring sites hasn't been determined, nor, it seems, has the cost of green waste collection and recycling. Its only my view, given the meetings I've been to, that the council is determined to close Sandy Lane, but its really important that everyone completes the questionnaire and makes comments and suggestions, not just answers the yes/no questions. The consultation responses may just sway the Exec Board into a rethink. The council is saying its a choice between decimating the waste management budget or reducing services to vulnerable children and adults etc. I think its a question of priorities and good management.
  10. Been away for a few days and didn't realise I don't remain logged in if I'm away from home! Who can remember passwords! At the meeting with ward and parish councillors Davide Boyer said the council is encouraging as many people as possible to complete the consultation online (this was in response to my question about making the consultation papers available at each tip) So they are actively discouraging people filling out hard copy questionnaires. A few hard copies were available at the meeting but only a small box, so I only have two hard copies. David Keane's view remains that Sandy Lane (and later Woolston) should close and the town should have just one super duper recycling centre. When, however, I lamented the lot of the poor residents who live along Liverpool Road and Saxon Park he said the new facility might not be at Gatewarth. I'm convinced Sandy Lane will close, so we all need to work towards the best possible alternative. Obviously the council is preferring mini recycling sites with the big bins. We made the point loud and clear that green waste facilities are imperative.
  11. I couldn't agree more Dizzy. A 4 week period, especially over the summer is woefully inadequate - but its all we have. The consultation on children's centres is 3 times that and the consultation papers are more widely available. The recycling consultation papers should really have been made available at each tip, but I don't think they have been.
  12. I guess the alerts should be pretty accurate because they know how fast (or slow) the boats are travelling. Wouldn't it be so much simpler to put most the boats through at night:)
  13. Yes its vitally important that people across the town complete it. It is on this website and WBC's and hard copies are available, apparently in all the libraries, leisure centres etc. However, NO-ONE I have spoken to over the past few days knew about the consultation! I fear the completion rate will be even less than the 10% one would normally expect. The fly tipping has already started! I have reported the grotty state of the recycling bank at The Forge car park where, in addiction to broken glass and general rubbish someone has dumped three full bin bags! The Council's briefing for ward councillors and nominated parish councillors is tomorrow, so if anyone has any specific questions let me know and I will try to get them answered for you.
  14. Well that's odd because when I clicked on it (after seeing the link on here) it didn't return an error. i only looked at the first page as I was doing tea and was going to go back later, but there were definitely a few lines of explanation and a'next' button. I even told my neighbour who was round it was on the website and he was going to fill it in. Think someone uploaded it too early?
  15. So the consultation questions are on WBC website now. Anyone been through it yet? Wonder if doing it over the weekend is any good or whether it won't be accepted before Monday. Everywhere I go there seem to be swarms of flies around the bins. Must be a bad year for them - or a bad year for us and a good year for the flies!!
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