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Just read the lead article on the front page - very sad.  I guess I'll never again be part of the crowd surging down Bridge Street from Market Gate at two o'clock on Saturday afternoon.  Nor will I climb the crossing gates on the Causeway, to beat the oncoming train.  No more  waiting for the big gates to open at three-quarter time, because I couldn't afford admission.  I guess the thirtythree thousand crowds are gone too, along with the twentyfive thousand Trilby hats.  Progress can be hell when you're old.

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I love it when someone goes to so much trouble to show that we are all human - a simple email would have done the job - nothing like a bit of public humiliation.

Link to article with typo (which was spotted and removed yesterday).



If you had been a Man Utd fan it would have all been dealt with so differently :)

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Thats what happens with the religeous they try to convert you.  :twisted:


Have a few fond memories of the old stadium. a quick pint of shandy in the cemetery pub whilst hiding in a corner with my mate and his dad. (was well under age at the time hence the hiding) walking down to town in time for the 3.15 kick off (most matches were on a sunday I recall so no bus service and always kicked off at 3.15) the orderly queues to get in and the friendly taunts of the opposition fans about who was going to get stuffed.


One of my most memorable ones was a testemonial match which featured both Brian Bevan and John Bevan. although Brian had retired many years previously and was "getting on a bit" he still had a remarkable turn of speed.


Also the weather played a great part in the games, sunny weather and you got fast exciting end to end play, Rain and it was a slug fest in the mud with the two sides looking like they had just come out of one of those expensive spas at half time.


And the poor refs and linesmen. Those **well sung heroes** who every week had to put up with the jibes of the fans "where's your guide dog then mate" and the tantrums of the players "It was never forward you need your eyes testing". (** nearly every teams fans had it in for the ref. no matter what descision he made it was the wrong one, ask any fan and there was always a song, usually badly phrased and always containing suggestions about eyesight and where he could blow hs whistle from. These days i understand the references in those days as a youngster such things were a bit beyond my experience, still sang along though)

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Sid mentioned the attitude of the fans.  Would I be the last to rmember the traditional singing of 'Abide With Me' at the old Wembly Rugby Cup Final.  100,000 fans accompanied by the band of the Coldstream Guards, if that didn't bring a tear to your eye, nothing would.

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