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1 Swan and all 7 eggs GONE !!!! SICK !!


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I feel sick to the stomach and HOW can some EVIL ******* do something like this.

Every year the two swans on Ackers Pit (Stockton Heath) mate, lay eggs and look after their signets for months until the time comes for them to go off on their merry way.  It it lovely to see and everyone who goes there takes great care in making sure the swans are not disturbed, are happy, safe and cared for.

This year is no different....... their eggs were laid, they looked after them and they would have been hatching very soon.



Apparently both adult swans and all the eggs were there at 8.30pm last night as a resident walked past and saw them....  All that remains no is one solitary rather sad looking swan, whether it is the male or female is not know at the moment, and a completely empty nest.

Also various metal signs have been ripped down and have vanished too since yesterday.

The completely EMPTY nest taken at 7pm tonight


The only remaining swan on Ackers Pit now (taken 7pm tonight)


and then going to sleep in what is probably the safest place... :(


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I wonder if perhaps their mating days would have been numbered anyway as the widening of Ackers rd seems to be the only possible route for a 'southern expressway' alternative - and the swans nest being close to the road boundary would be in an unviable position.

It hasn't been as sheltered a site for them since a number of large trees were removed along the roadside edge of the site when the re-vamp was done a few years ago.

Hope the vandals get caught - but doubt it.

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Obs... YES it is illegal and they are all protected.  There is no actual proof or sign as yet that the swan has actually been killed though.... but then again the fact that it and the eggs have all gone doesn't sound too promising :(

I doubt they will be caught either Sha :( 

Only my own guess but surely to actually remove a swan which would have probably been protecting it's nest (I presume it must have been taken, or killed then taken as there is no sign of it) must have taken some doing as they can be quite vicious when they feel threatened.

Prior to the revamp a few years back the swans always nested on the large wooden structure in the middle of the water which was purposely there for that reason and had been for many years.  Saying that though since they have been forced to nest in the open space close to the paths there has only ever been one occasion that I can remember where ?kids? have smashed a few eggs.

There are probably foxes around there at night but they can't have done it as there would be broken eggs and either a dead/injured swan or a dead/injured fox and signs of a struggle and feathers everywhere.  There are a few feathers but not many when I was there..... and where have all the metal signs gone too.

If someone intentionally set out to get the eggs and/or a swan then why the signs ?... and if someone set out to take the signs for scrap value why the eggs and the swan ?

Maybe the two incidents aren't linked and it's just a coincidence. 

I don't think I'll sleep tonight as the vision of that one lonely swan there today will haunt me as don't they stay with the same partner and mate for life :(

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Hi Dizzy I've placed a link on the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum and I will send our locally based Wildlife Crimes Officer details - she is based in Stockton Heath - PC Debbie Marshal - this and any other conerns about Wildlife Crime should be directed for her attention. You can contact her via email deborah.marshall@cheshire.pnn.police.uk call in or simply dial 101 and ask for the call to be passed across for her attention. Or you can log such matters on https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Warrington-Nature-Conservation-Forum/110886079024465

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Thanks for that Geoff. 
I believe the police and other bodies were there yesterday asking people for any information they might have etc etc so I'd imagine PC Marshal is already aware of it.

Everyone is so very upset about what has happened and can't quite believe it :( 

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Gary, just a polite little correction to your news story from today that you may wish to edit.....and I hope you don't mind me mentioning it

It says they disappeared "during the night" and that "this morning, only the female swan remained alongside an empty nest and no sign of six eggs which had been due to hatch"

It actually happened on Saturday night and they were gone by Sunday morning, and there were 7 eggs not 6.

I still can't believe they have gone :( :( :(

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Aww please don't say things like that as I;m trying not to think about that :( :( :(  

I now I probably sound like a right softie but it's really upset me because I go to see them all the time and every year I watched the two of them look after their eggs and cygnets :(  

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The RSPCA (or appointed associates) were doing door to door rounds in Stockton Heath today trying to get monthly donations.  Anyway... apparently one of the door collectors mentioned that the RSPCA are currently talking to someone who KNOWS who took the swan and eggs and as such the investigation is progressing.

That's all I know and whether what he said is true or not I have no idea.... but I hope it is and they catch the culprit !!!!!

I haven't seen or heard any other updates recently though... has anyone else heard anything ?

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I hope so but seeing as though two weeks have already passed I doubt there would be any evidence left to charge someone with  'if' they have been taken and killed :(

Not many ducks there again when I went over the weekend and I only counted 14... there's usually way more than that.  Maybe all the others were just hiding in the reeds with their ducklings.... hopefully !!!

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