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I think the best chance for the Broncos would be for the Rugby League to form a division for the newly formed teams of last year ,which are based mostly  in the south  anyway , & let them develop as a group. Like the M62 corridor of the north maybe historical ties within the Thames Valley corridor would help to build the game.

I would go so far as to say the Super League could probably arrange exhibition matches in the areas involved  with teams playing an extra fixture as with the magic weekend.

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At least they will be relegated this year and I'd be surprised if they ever made it back to the top table and would then just slip quietly away.....

When they are relegated the crowds will go down to a few hundred and then they will just fold and join Cardiff /Scarborough/Nottingham/Chorley/Blackpool/Mansfield Marksmen/Wigan Springfield/Kent Invicta etc etc etc in the history books.

Personally I will shed not one tear,they have been a drain on the games resources for far to long.

If the RL had ploughed a fraction of what they have wasted in London into the Wrexham venture then they would in my opinion have had a pretty good team and fan base established by now.

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