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How does it work?


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I sometimes wonder about this. Just depends on what you've been looking at online recently.


Advert at the top for me at the moment is for "Software Geeks" probably because I was on a software developer forum this morning. 


Still it makes a change from find a Philipino bride  :oops:  :mrgreen:


Bill :)

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Mine says Military Genealogy.. clearly can't keep up with me as that was yesterday. 


Today I've only been looking a uploads speeds and ftp errors and glad it didn't pick up on my Virgin Media searches :lol:


Did post on a History section topic on here though a little while ago so must have picked up on that rather than what else I'm doing :lol:  

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Ha ha Bill. That made me laugh....unless you were serious.


Mine is an advert for Trek America. Last week it was Halfords M.O.Ts. seems a bit pointless when they only seem to appear after I have been on there site as by that point I already know that their product exists. It gets more annoying when adverts pop up based on something you clicked on by mistake.

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nahh it's definately related to what you have been looking at/for before Gary... maybe your wife should keep an eye on your internet activity..... or does she use your computer ha ha :lol: :lol:


I'm seeing 'Find My Past' today ... see I'm good :wink:

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I'm seeing 'BT External Telephone Bell' which is a bit odd as I googled 'bt VoIP phone line ring too quiet' and similar but that was at the beginning of the week and haven't looked again since.
I'm sure I deleted all my browsing history and cookes too.


Perhas it knows I never found and answer and it's trying to help me :)

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