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Oh No he´s Back...

Steve the Original

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Just thought i would pop in and say hello to everyone,, i see a few names i still recognize.. Hello to any Newbies that i have missed over the last few years.. :mrgreen: 

Not a moderator anymore so now i can free write whatever i want to...so watch out Steve the O is back in town.. yes i know rather Corny but i bet it made `insider` laugh...




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Good question Sadako and where is he indeed.  He's not posted on here for ages and the last reported sighting of him on here was nearly a month ago.


I know it's been quiet over the past couple of weeks (ok so maybe I meant boring but that would have been rude) but that's no excuse.  If he can post of FB he can post one here   :lol:   


Maybe Gary has tied him up somewhere and only lets him free for a few mins a day   :lol:

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Hi Bill
Good to see your still here.. Were all fine and work is same as ever.. off sick at the moment works accident so lots of time on my hands over the next few weeks,so thoughti would pop in and cause some havoc.

hope you and yours are well and work isn't too strenuous for you ..

Have you been giving Garykins and Peter a lot of hassle whilst ive been gone?? lol if not Why not ? lol

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