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Liverpool City Region ......


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Well i have just seen in print a phrase that was mentioned on here a good while ago,"Liverpool City Region" . In an article on the WG webpage it is mentioned in relation to the Omega development which will soon be open for business. The article mentions a Mr Neil Pickering who is head of area with responsibility  for Homes & Communities for the area "Liverpool City Region ,Warrington & Cheshire ". The phrase seems to have worked its way up on the blindside & what does it mean ? Will Merseyside as a county disappear or will LCR cover that county & more besides ,probably even butting up against the Greater Manchester boundary ?

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When the Metropolitan Counties and the Greater London Council took on Thatcher with ridiculously leftwing policies like subsidised bus fares, she abolished them in 1986. The unitary district authorities kept voluntary co-operation going, e.g. through the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities. Labour tried to introduce regional devolution but in the pilot area in the north-east voters rejected the idea in 2004. Indirectly-elected authorities for city regions were made possible in 2009 and now there's the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, with a Liverpool equivalent likely to follow (the former Met districts plus Halton). The present government abolished the Regional Development Agencies (and kept the money) and instead gave us Local Economic Partnerships with little money and less power. Halton decided to be part of the Liverpool LEP, Warrington linked with the Cheshire & Warrington LEP.


The Homes and Communities Agency owns Omega (someone had to take on land formerly owned by the RDAs); Mr Pickering works for HCA and his area covers both LEPs.


"Merseyside" and "Greater Manchester" have existed only as ceremonial counties since 1986; that will not change.


I hope that helps!


City Regions is just a modern way of talking about a city and its "hinterland"  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_regions

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Are you allowed to say 'scousers'?


probably not..... they are probably an ethnic minority too like <travellers>..... no doubt the forum police haven't seen it yet.... but maybe all those cops and politicians and prime ministers that regularly look on here have and I will have SWAT teams at my front door by midnight....



or they may just censor me again


should I have changed "scousers" to <Liverpool Residents> just in case?

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