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  1. While it would have been nice to find a use for the whole building no one is arguing to save all of it I do not think, but the tower should be saved and I still fail to see why the coast will be that big, as for use, well does it need a use, what are the point of the skittles for example? What is the point of the clock?
  2. Exactly why is it dangerous, why can the damage not be repaired? The photos show loose tiles and bricks| I recall a neighbours house becoming unstable and the well cracking, some builders come along, underpinned the foundations, rebuilt the damaged walls and a few months later it was safe again
  3. If an estate of that size is to be built should the developer not also be made to put in schools, shops, roads and other services Warrington is getting bigger yet the services are not, the hospital is shrinking. Maybe the council should insist the estate should be be car free?
  4. Anyone experience traffic delays? http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2016/01/21/cut-cable-causes-traffic-chaos/ I was in town at around 12:30 and the traffic was light, Maybe the solution to all the problems of Warrington is to cut the cables of the councils IT systems?
  5. Why was the bell not used and why was it removed?
  6. I do not get any ads with Firefox, I do not have an ad blocker but have the option checked not to allow pop ups. I get ads with Chrome.
  7. I wonder how many on here that advocate the use of the bus actually use the bus? Problem is unless the bus goes where and when you want it it could be free and people won't use it. It is obvious if you keep putting traffic lights up to stop the traffic, congestion will continue to mount, because if you look at the stats, the number of vehicle millage has not risen in the last 15 years or so and in many areas is going down. In Warrington many of the entrances to the large shopping places are poorly thought out in my view. The answer to the traffic problem is technology, home working/schooling and staggered opening times and local services
  8. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now for me to spread my wisdom, intelligence and new way of spelling things now I am back.... You can't actually pay by phone but you need to download a app, after inputting a location number 55973 if I recall correctly if not I will edit it. You will be charged the correct amount by debit of your debit card, you can even set it up to give you notice before your free time expires, it cost you 10p The hospital app is the same one. paybyphone.co.uk link to the web address, I think you can pay through the web site too
  9. I have no idea what truth is! I can give my opinion nd my view, what the truth I do not know. While the overwhelming majority of scientist do agree that the world is warming slightly, there is huge disagreement as to long term effects, reasons and even if it will continue to warm. The BBC, Sky, ITV are mostly showing one side of it, rising seas, melting glaciers, stormier weather as if it was fact, which it is not. You can see this one sided reporting in other subjects too, the immigration crisis were fo, r ages the mass media told us it was families that were coming over, that they were all Doctors and engineers and misleading editing of photos and news footage. Health issues especially the passive smoking reporting is another example were watching TV, reading the Sun you would think every scientist thinks the same and there were only negative studies, yet there are huge divisions in views. I mean has anyone heard of the study that suggested that children who lived with smokers are 22% less likely to get lung cancer then these that have not, that is a study carried out by the WHO but quickly got buried.
  10. Just a quick troll - maybe it was wrong for the west to go into Iraq, but was Afghanistan not a base for terrorists already when the west went in to neutralize it? The current problem is having started something the USA pulled out without finishing the job and it is Obama who is being weak and indesisive that is allowing ISIS to function.
  11. Coffee did not answer because coffee had no time, apart from that how should I answer Kije's post? So I make spelling mistakes, grow up and get over it
  12. Lt Kije, houses get burgled everyday, I therefore presume you do not bother locking your house when you leave it empty. Because you can not secure a boarder 100% does not mean it is not effective and some IRA plots did get stopped I do not get why they can not have giant x ray machines on boarders for trucks and containers,
  13. If the these that committed the mass murder in France turn out to be so called "home grown" does that make it OK?
  14. No you wouldn't!!! Do you lock your house and car when leaving, houses and cars get robbed so why bother locking them?
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