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Road Signs.... When English is not your first language


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My mate Ben Creasey posted these on FB earlier. He lives near Loushers Lane and it is closed for re-surfacing at the moment.... apparently the businesses are open as usual....all of them!!





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:lol:  :lol:  :lol: to all the above


The signs are done like that on purpose though.  Drivers see them and instead of getting all irate at the road closure they burst out laughing and giggle all the way home... the long diverted way round.... 8)  :lol:

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These signs were very misleading. The sign saying that it was closed from 8.30 to 4.30 was left at he entrance to Wash Lane, so it gave the impression that the road was "closed" all the time.


The truth is that it isn't closed as the tankers still have to go to Colas frequently everyday, lorries etc have to go to the building site, plus the residents who live opposite Priestley.

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I was in Wales yesterday.... quite a nice place on the whole; not many street lamps and the roads are a bit narrow but no doubt they'll get round to sorting them out....


the most distracting things though I have to say are the road signs... in English and also in gobblygook.... I don't see why they need to be in Welsh seeing as so little of the population speak the language and less that 20 years ago it was all but dead. Only tons of money from the wonderful EU saved it; and now its like it is the first language or something!


Still had a nice afternoon by Bala Lake though!!

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Funnily enough Baz, me  & our Maude were in Llandudno yesterday & there was an elderly couple speaking Welsh which is something they normally do when English people are close by .


Davy.... many years ago, my sister in law was married to a chap whose family roots were in Ruthin (but he lived in Penketh with his mum and dad)... she used to tell me how they used to go and see his Nan and Taid (Welsh for granddad apparently) and would go to one of the local pubs for a pint and how when they heard my sister in law speaking with her Penketh/Scouse accent the English conversations suddenly all turned Welsh.....


My ex brother in law would then start speaking Welsh to my sister in law (she doesn't speak the lingo.... so just for effect) and suddenly English would be heard around the pub again!

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