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Don't get her going or we'll get ten pages on Rolf - "two little boys had two little toys" ! :lol:

Rolfie is up before the beak again for more sex charges (probably didn't pay the last lot), personally I think he should have stuck with playing with his didgeridoo :D:wink: .

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Anyone else sick of reading about the antics of that alcoholic, marred arse, has been footballer, Paul Gascoigne? Why doesn't the media just resign him to history and forget about him, and let us forget about him, instead of publishing every burp he makes?


It  amazes me how many sycophantic hangers on  Gazza manages to attract ...people to pay for rehab, jollies & the odd news article when he's short of cash ,& he repeatedly lets his "friends" down by going back to his old ways.

Give me George Best any day ,at least he had style & more talent.

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