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Historic Video of Isle of Man

Geoffrey Settle

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For those who have been to the Isle of Man, want to step back in Manx time or just enjoy a few minutes of nostalgia this is a great video link that my friend from Penketh has just sent me. He writes:


You just haveto see this – it’s brilliant!!!!

And once you’ve watched the 1st you can open links to other films of the Isle of Man , including more modern ones.


Open here back ground music 'Living on an Island' by Status Quo :mrgreen:


Has anyone done a similar one for Warrington and if so what would thier choice of background music be ?

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Steve, I'm certainly not aware of a similar video existing of Warrington, however I may just make a series entitled "Warrington Past" and cover the four main streets of the town in seperate video still photos uploaded to YouTube, could be time consuming and perhaps a project for winter.

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Great link Geoff.  I've never actually been to the Isle of Man but really enjoyed that. 


Background music brought back some memories.  It used to be one of my favourites and I'll be whistling it all night now :)

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Well worth a visit as you haven't been across yet, such variety and possibly the highest concentration of millionaires per square mile in the UK so you should be well at home - there are quite a few ex-Warringtonians over there as well.


Looking forward to the spring to view Algy video :mrgreen:

Now then Geoff!, see how much you are looking forward to seeing photos of Warrington as it was in the past, this is why we are so keen on retaining buildings and places of interest so that future generations may experience the enjoyment seeing them in their original state. :wink:

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