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Television Licence


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Do you have a television licence? Do you have BBC ipayer? Did you know if you have BBC iplayer you do not need to buy a televion licence? When They send out the reminder about your licence being due/overdue for renewal you can just tick no licence required. It appears that more than a million households are taking advantage of catch-up on iplayer instead of watching the programes on tv. No licence required to watch the programs online.

The BBC are refusing to say how many people have refused to renew their licence under the freedom of information act because they fear it could lead to them losing revenue, Silly burgers....! they are already losing out on the licence revenue if people are already watching online instead of on tv.

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The wording is that you need a license to watch or record a programme as it is being broadcast, so in that sense if you are only watching iplayer  channels which are available any-time then you do not need a license. However. if the programme you are watching is broadcast on one of those channels that repeat everything on a weekly basis at the same time you are watching it on catchup tv do you then need a license, as technically you are watching it as it is broadcast, albeit on a different channel.


What always surprises me is that people will complain about paying a yearly fee for the bbc of around £150 and complain about all the repeats and rubbish that is broadcast by them. But those same people will happily pay sky/virgin media/other a yearly fee of up to £1200 to watch those same programmes. Ok so you get your phone and an internet connection as well on most of the packages but if you take even the basic tv package without phone or internet that virgin media offers it would still cost you around £152 per year.


seems a bit daft paying all that money just to watch the soaps. :huh:

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Nice one Wolfie ! :lol:  But I'm not sure they've got under the M/Way bridges or the rear garages covered yet?!


 With your (alleged) preternatural ability to not only spot immigrants on sight but also to know what nationality they are , they should have a detector van - one where you sit atop a rotating platform calling out



"There's one , there's one- Ecuadorian.............There's two more , there's two more- Turkish.........."

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Well! this topic seems to have transgressed away from the original TV Licence subject into the bowels of immigration and jokes, so I may as well join in.


A beautiful fairy appeared one day to an immigrant claimant outside the Social Security Offices.

'My good man,' the fairy said,
'I've been told to grant you three
wishes since you've just arrived in England with your wife and seven

The man told the fairy:
'Well, where I come from we don't have
good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them.'
The fairy looked at the man's almost
toothless grin and -- PING !!!
He had a brand new shining set of gold
teeth in his mouth!

'What else?' asked the fairy, 'two,
more wishes, to go'.
The refugee claimant now got bolder.
'I need a big house with a three car
garage in Birmingham with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of
my refugee relatives who still live in my country.
I want to bring them all over here.
PING ! - In the distance there could
be seen a beautiful mansion with a three car garage, a long
driveway, a walkout patio with a BBQ, and a sparkling swimming pool
and a BMW, full of his nephews playing their music.

'One, more wish, left for you', said
the fairy, waving her wand.

I want to be English with English
clothes instead of rags, and shawl and I want to have white skin like
the English.'

PING ! - The man was transformed,
wearing worn out jeans from ASDA, a dirty Primark T-shirt and a
greasy baseball cap.
He had his bad teeth back and the
mansion had disappeared from the horizon.
'What happened to my new teeth?' he
'Where is my new house? Where's my
Visa Gold Card?'

The fairy said. .
'Tough shit. Now that you are English,
you're entitled to sweet bugger all like the rest of us!!!!

And then she disappeared !
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